The Roman Empire Panglao Resort

Invest in our newest Development earn up to 11% or more annually


Limited offer:


For Real Property Investors: Own a Condotel – Unit (Suites), pre-sale 58,000 US Dollar (taxes apply)
For Cash Investors: Investment of 10.000 US Dollar accepted (2 - 5 year timeframe selectable), Interest rate 5.5 % yearly, payable quarterly or yearly


Why Invest ?

Our Destination (Panglao Island), known for its powdery white sand beaches and its surrounding unique diving spots and soon with its new “NEW BOHOL AIRPORT” (under construction) will become one of the famous Holiday Destinations in the Asian Area and offers:
• Global Marketability.
• Annual Growing Economy in Philippines of 7 %
• Investments are rated from standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch as stable and positive
• Direct accessible from the Asian’s biggest economic booming Countries as China, Korea and Japan
• Annual Interest rate of 5.5 % and more

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New Bohol Airport

With the new Bohol Aiport here in panglao island, the the booming asian market is targeted and expected 1.7 Mill. Tourists from Korea, Japan, China, Singapure and other countries will arrive yearly here in Panglao Island with an estimated capital to spend from more then 2 Billion US Dollar.

According to DOTC, the Panglao Airport, a project funded through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, will feature a floor area of about 8,800 square meters, with an annual passenger capacity of 1.7 million passengers. It will also include a 2,000-meter runway suited to meet international standards.

Data from the Department of Tourism showed that tourist arrivals in Central Visayas alone stood at 2.107 million during the first half of 2015, up 6.2 percent from 1.98 million in the comparable period in 2014


Global Players

Already global player as the international HENAN RESORT und the BLUE WATER Resort have established its place here to get their share out of the booming tourismn industry.


Our new Roman Empire Panglao Resort has an ideal Location in walking Distance to and Alona Beach and is only 5 km away from the new international airport


Become now an investor and owner, earn up 12% or more per year with your investment

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